The Confidence Advantage


A science-based, evidence backed, coaching formula proven to help young athletes 

develop the confidence and mental resilience to increase performance and results.



The pressure and demands as a student-athlete 

can make or break you.



Competition magnifies it all  

I help you discover your you-nique strengths and 

develop the mental resilience to 


✅show up when it matters most

✅get the recognition you deserve

✅balance school + sports + everything else

✅perform stronger and smarter

✅be proud of your results





Do you crumble under pressure?

Are you sick of playing small?


You don't have to be timid.

You don't have to hide on the field.

You don't have to let one mistake ruin you.

Are you ready to learn how 

✨The Positively YOUnique Advantage ✨

can help you crush your goals?



A virtual bootcamp for elite high school athletes 

who want to learn how to use confidence 

to fuel your performance.


Do you ever doubt your ability?

Does your discipline match your results?

Have you ever crumbled under pressure?

Can you perform your best when it matters most?


It's one thing to be confident when things go your way. 

But how would your performance benefit from more confidence and motivation?


Create the confidence that 

✅develops leadership

✅creates winning results

✅elevates performance 

✅pushes you to victory EVERY SINGLE TIME  



Mental Preparation Strategies

  • Managing emotions during competition
  • Increasing focus and drive
  • Giving your all 100% of the time


Realistic Goal Setting

  • Where you are vs where you want to be
  • Tools to follow through 
  • Support to crush your goals
  • Balance


What's included?

  • 3 Self-Paced Modules
  • Monthly live coaching sessions
  • A supportive group of fellow athletes 

*I limit the amount of athletes I work with so I can devote the time and energy needed to help you create big changes in the least amount of time possible!



My signature workshop series helps athletes optimize their performance with one simple, evidence based formula.  

The best athletes are able to execute every play on any given day with the best of their ability. 

We discuss what influences our performance and how that dictates your results.  

Most athletes don't know this super simple formula that sets the talented athletes apart from the winning athletes.  

That's why I created my workshop series to educate young athletes on the ins and outs of being resilient in sports and in life!


I offer in-person and virtual workshops.  

Get in touch to learn more!



Meet Your Coach


Hi!  I'm Lauren Nichols.


As a certified professional performance coach, I'm on a mission to provide athletes with the tools and resources to believe in themselves.  


As a dual-sport collegiate athlete and high-school coach, I know the ins and outs of training hard. I also know what it feels like to crumble under pressure


It is too common for athletes to let their mental game get in the way of their unstoppable skill!

I didn't realize this until after college, but my lack of self-belief affected how others saw me (and my skill) which, strongly affected my performance. 

It wasn't until my last collegiate game, ironically my best game ever statistically, that my coach's words made me realize what I had been missing all along.  


"I didn't think you could do it, Lauren." 


Here's the thing - why would someone believe in me if I didn't believe in myself?!


I now dedicate my coaching practice to helping athletes develop confidence and mental resilience, ensuring they take advantage of their time to shine 💥


Every client I work with receives an individualized assessment and ongoing support to continue to grow as a person and as an athlete!


Lauren Nichols Coaching LLC