My Story


I'm on a mission to normalize the idea that making yourself happier makes you more successful.  Through personalized coaching programs, speaking engagements, and group programs, I help my clients break free from the chains of self-doubt and unleash their true potential.  


I blamed the job when I left.  The lack of training, lack of leadership, lack of direction...

But it was my lack of confidence to be ME!


For years I relentlessly pushed myself to achieve.  I chased success with unbridled determination, believing that the external accomplishments would be the key to happiness and fulfillment.  


It was at my lowest point (rock bottom with a shovel) that I stumbled upon a lifeline - a coach who showed me the power of inner work.  I realized that true confidence wasn't about validation or meeting anyone else's expectations.  It was about delving deep into my core and unearthing the authentic, unshakeable self that had been buried beneath layers of self-doubt.  Without the space, guidance, and encouragement for this self discovery, I might still be digging.


The impact of this inner work proved nothing short of miraculous.  I witnessed a profound shift in every area of my life - relationships blossomed, opportunities that once seemed impossible became within reach.  I found a sense of inner peace and contentment that no external achievement could ever provide.  


Today, as a certified professional coach, I refuse to let anyone play small because of fear.  I empower others to embrace their own journey of self-discovery.  


I am done letting you live a life that is "good enough".  I want to see you THRIVE!


Lauren Nichols

Certified Professional Life Coach